12V 10A Battery charger (TYC-12V-10A)

12V 10A Battery charger  (TYC-12V-10A)


12V 10A Battery charger  (TYC-12V-10A)
* Fully Automatice Charging * Reverse Polarity Protection
* Switch Mode Technology * Short Circuit Protection
* 3-Stage Charging System * Over Temperature Protection
►1st Stage:Bulk * Battery Type Selector
►2nd Stage:Absorption * Led Visual Display
►3rd Stage:Float * High Efficiency
* Temperature Controlled Variable Speed Fan
DC Input voltage 12V
Rated Charge Current 10A
Absorption ChargeVoltage(DC) 14.5~14.8 V
Float Charge Voltage (DC) 13.5V~13.8 V
Input Voltage (AC) 185~265 V
Frequency 47~63 HZ
Packing Details:
Inner box Dimension (CM) 13*15*5.2
Unit Weight 1.5KGS
Carton Dimension (CM) 54*43*31
Carton Weight 17KGS
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