10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller ■ The MPPT is essentially a smart DC to DC converter which has been optimized to harvest maximum energy from the PV array in battery based solar electric systems by using a variety of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) strategies. ■ The controller’s secondary objective is to ensure that the batteries receive a full charge without becoming overcharged.This is accomplished through a four stage charging process.

Product Features

. Applicable to various types of batteries.
. MPPT technology
. Multiphase synchronous recitification technology
. Peak efficiency of 99.7%
. Voltage and current regulation
. 4-Stage Charge
. Current Compensated load disconnection
. Automatic load reconnection
. RJ45 communication interface
. Widely use, automatically recognize day/ night


Model SR-10A-MPPT 
System Voltages 12V/24V
Charge Current 10A 
Output Current 10A
PV Open Circuit Voltage(VOC) 100 volts DC  
Maximum Solar Array 130Watts / 12V
260Watts / 24V
Peak Efficiency 99.7%
Standby Power Consumption Less than 1 Watt typical
4-Stages Bulk, Absorption, Equalize, Float
Package 24pcs /carton
Product size (mm) 19.9*17.7*9.3 cm
  Weight (kg) 1.5 kg
LED Indicators LED Indicators show battery and charging status
LCD Digital Display Display system status
Setting Buttons Set load work mode, battery type and max charge current
·  overcharge and deep discharge protections
·  reverse polarity protection for solar panel, battery and load
·  automatic electronic fuse
·  overvoltage protection at solar panel input
·   battery overvoltage shutdown
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