20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller ■ The MPPT is essentially a smart DC to DC converter which has been optimized to harvest maximum energy from the PV array in battery based solar electric systems by using a variety of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) strategies. ■ The controller’s secondary objective is to ensure that the batteries receive a full charge without becoming overcharged.This is accomplished through a four stage charging process.

Product Features

. Applicable to various types of batteries.
. MPPT technology
. Multiphase synchronous recitification technology
. Peak efficiency of 99.7%
. Voltage and current regulation
. 4-Stage Charge 
. Current Compensated load disconnection
. Automatic load reconnection
. RJ45 communication interface
. Widely use, automatically recognize day/ night


Model SR-20A-MPPT 
System Voltages 12V/24V
Charge Current 20A 
Output Current 20A
PV Open Circuit Voltage(VOC) 100 volts DC  
Maximum Solar Array 260Watts / 12V
520Watts / 24V
Peak Efficiency 99.7%
Standby Power Consumption Less than 1 Watt typical
4-Stages Bulk, Absorption, Equalize, Float
Package 12pcs /carton
Product size (mm) 19.9*17.7*9.3 cm
  Weight (kg) 1.6
LED Indicators LED Indicators show battery and charging status
LCD Digital Display Display system status
Setting Buttons Set load work mode, battery type and max charge current
·  overcharge and deep discharge protections
·  reverse polarity protection for solar panel, battery and load
·  automatic electronic fuse
·  overvoltage protection at solar panel input
·   battery overvoltage shutdown
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